Monday, April 20, 2009

Personal Branding

Good News ... I'm digitally distinct!

Personal branding is something I became interested in a few years back when I realized that for years I had been working very hard at improving someone else's brand and hadn't done anything to protect, cultivate, and promote my own. I decided that I wasn't going to go very far until I changed that.

My first step was to determine what was my value proposition. I started think -- what did the world need? What skills, talents, abilities, experiences did I have that would fill that need? We don't think of ourselves in this way, or at least I didn't. But once I started to think of myself as a product, it became easier for me to talk about myself to potential employers. It also helped me to focus my efforts because I wasn't responding to needs that weren't going to be filled by my value prop.

Once I had determined my value proposition, I started to think about how to talk about it. I started to look for places on the Internet where I could get my message out.

When you have doing that for a while, it's a good thing to evaluate how your efforts are working. ">Here is a site that can help you.


timbo said...

I loved this exercise, I was in the upper right quadrant but not as far right as you. Page looks good too, was it made on a mac? Love Ya

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