Monday, January 04, 2010

Instructional Design Mind Map

I worked at home today, sketching out the outline of my instructional design model for Deaf learners. My thought is to review the research on how Deaf learners learn, then to use that research in developing my model. I have been fortunate to have a good starting place. For the six years before I started working at NTID, I was a first a content manager, then lead instructional designer, and finally head of a group that developed soft skills content. During that time I reviewed, argued, and suggested instructional design for courses, based on the work of Dr. Ruth Clark.

Later this week I get to meet with the research department at NTID and talk to them about what I am doing. I'm excited about this potential partnership.

Here is the Prezi I have started to develop for that meeting. I'm not sure how interesting the Prezi will be without me talking to it -- I tend to be a bit spare on my slides.


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