Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, Buzz is here. And that changes everything. Again.

It definitely feels like most of my demographic -- the other middle aged ladies -- aren't going to be heavy adopters of social media, unless it is going to be something that serves it all up for them in one place like AOL used to do and Facebook seems to do now.  At least most of my friends (the intrepid Vicki being one very notable exception) don't seem to be as excited about the world of networks and mashups as I am. 

My whole life has been waiting for mashups, the ability to put a bit of this with a chunk of that, as my interests and areas of exploration change and develop.  I like things together and organized. Back in the olden days, say 1999, I made websites with my favoirtie links, very crude efforts at mashups.  Later, when PBWiki made the scene, I used a wiki to accomplish this. (Now PBWiki is an "online collaboration space"!)  Now with IGoogle I can do it with practically no effort.  Here is an article on Mashable about how to get Buzz, Facebook, and Twitter in one place.

Beyond iGoogle, this week I am exploring the fan page functionality on Facebook.  I am involved with a number of organizations that would benefit from someone knowing about this.Personally, this also looks like a way I could reach people interested in consulting relationships with me.  Like anything the better I understand what I actually want to achieve, the more likely I will be to achieve it!  Stand by for more on this topic - I think this is going to be a major theme in my blogging this year.


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