Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Educause Conference, Day Two, Part Two

The afternoon offered a lot choices. However sometimes the written descriptions don't really describe what the session turned out to be. That was the case with both of afternoon sessions.

Sherpa: Increasing Student Success with a Recommendation Engine
Robert Bramucci,Vice Chancellor, Technology & Learning Services 
South Orange County Community College District 
Jim Gaston, Associate Director, IT, Academic Systems & Special Projects 
South Orange County Community College District 

Here's what the program said:
"Students flock to online services that offer intelligent recommendations: Amazon, Pandora, Facebook, iTunes, and Netflix present personalized choices, yet when students reach college they find static menus leading to a bewildering array of choices. At this session we will present Sherpa, a revolutionary personal guide to courses, information, and services."

My take:
In this case the session wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was great. Bob and Jim have developed a system that "knows" there

Enforcing Copyright on Campus Networks: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

Kenneth E. Pflueger, Chief Information Officer Pomona College 
Kent Wada,Director, Strategic IT and Privacy Policy UCLA 
Steven Worona,Director of Policy & Networking Programs 

Here's what the program said:
Since July 1, campus networks have been subject to enforcement of the P2P provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Coincidentally, a variety of government offices have initiated separate reviews of how the Internet is impacting copyright, soliciting input from higher education along the way. In this session we'll review the experience of some HEOA "role model" campuses and discuss how lessons learned will inform and influence ongoing compliance activities on peer campuses as well as federal and offshore initiatives.




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