Thursday, October 14, 2010

Educause Day Thee, Part Two

My last day. Wow. I'm pooped! Ok, here's what I saw this afternoon.

The Top of the Stack: Fuchs on Funding
Ira Fuchs

What the program said:
In more than 10 years as vice president and program officer for research in information technology at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Ira Fuchs oversaw the grants program that funded projects including Sakai, uPortal, Kuali, the Open Knowledge Initiative, Fedora, DSpace, and the Open Library Environment. Having been both a pioneer in the development of transformative technology projects and a leader in the higher education community, Fuchs will discuss the grant makers perspective on higher education, including insights to those seeking grants from philanthropic organizations.

My take: Ira Fuchs went over his pointers for grant writers, they they were pretty common sense. You know, like...if your potential finder doesn't fund Heath care, do ask for money for health care. Well, duh! But you know, it was god to hear it because it kind of demystified it for me.

Community Discussion: Next Generation learning Challenges
Ira Fuchs
The program said:
EDUCAUSE invites your participation and expertise in Next Generation Learning Challenges, a new effort to identify and scale technology-enabled approaches that dramatically improve college readiness and completion. Join initiative staff to learn more about the program, including future grant opportunities, and brainstorm with your colleagues on future directions.

My take: This was an opportunity for Ira to collect ideas from those gathered about what we saw as the best ideas for the biggest ideas facing college students.

You 3.0: Evaluating Software, Hardware, and Wetware
Rochelle Rodrigo

The program says:
This presentation by the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee will describe the characteristics required for enterprise success with evolving technologies. We will discuss IT leadership and the decision-making process in the context of several evolving technologies including mobility, virtualization, and e-readers. Attendees are invited to submit proposal ideas for five-minute Ignite-style presentations to kick off discussion at

My take: Rochelle and her co presenters got 5 minutes and 20 slides to present about their ideas. What a clever idea! They had some very original thinking, and I look forward to exploring their themes more completely in the future.


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